Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 1 Review

The beginning episode of this series starts with a chaotic scene, originally from the end of the episode, shown action packed from the start. With Walt pointing a gun with sirens ringing standing next to a crashed R.V. in the middle of the desert in Albuquerque , it leaves multiple questions to the viewer. Why is there a an unconscious passenger next to him in a speeding R.V.? Why are they wearing masks? This opening scene makes Vince Gilligan such a great producer/writer in the first place. This episode is so action packed and full of information its almost hard to keep up. They lead viewers on with Walt giving a desperate plea on camera that is quite contrasting to Walt’s most recent “confession” on the latest B.B. episode.

Viewers get to see the ordinary jobs that Walt has, being a teacher, and working in a car wash, even getting spotted and laughed at by one his students while he washes the student’s Corvette. As a tradition on Walt’s birthday he receives his breakfast with “50” spelled out in bacon. Walt get’s antagonized throughout the episode by the characters, including Hank, his DEA agent Brother in law, by making fun of how he couldn’t hold a gun (ironic). He is shown a news report showing a busted meth operation with tons of cash, and gets offered to go on a “ride along” with him in which Hank busts a meth operation that Jesse, a former student of Walt, escapes from.

Walt finds out he has cancer in this episode is well, and the “web of lies” originally starts when his wife Skylar asks him how his day went, he never tells her the news and says “fine”. Walt is supposed to be a middle aged man with cancer and the world’s worst case of a mid-life crisis, and in the episode Skylar and her sister Marie, determine that he might have a mid- life crisis. In addition to this Jesse confronts Walt about his “crisis”, asking if he went “crazy” when he gives Jesse the money to purchase an R.V to “cook” in.

Walt “breaks bad” in this first episode by making a deal with Jesse to “cook” with him, and Jesse determines his cooking to be “art”. He brings the “art” to his partners, who subsequently confront Walt in the desert with Jesse in tow, thinking Walt is with the DEA recognizing him from the “ride along”. Walt shows his first signs of magic in this episode by causing an explosion in the R.V.  and successfully escaping from the two disgruntled ex-partners.

In the episode originally Walt can’t even focus on making love with his wife on his birthday, to which she suggests he relax and closes his eyes. After successfully getting away with “cooking” and saving himself and Jesse from getting killed, he returns home to his wife, ending the episode by making the original move towards his wife, in which she didn’t “recognize” that it was him, and it’s a triumphant ending to a opening episode. He definitely “breaks bad”, and I give this opening episode a 5/5 because it has everything to keep the viewers watching.


One thought on “Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 1 Review

  1. gcamille994

    Good post, I like that you connected Walt’s internal and external transformation. Great questions and good analyses – aim for more next time. And watch some of your grammar. Can’t wait! 🙂


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