Fox News: The New Liberals

This was an extremely entertaining segment from Jon Stewart, considering the very rocky relationship that he and Bill O’ Reilly have. They both clearly have opposing views. This aired before Jon Stewart not too long ago had an on air conversation, that was more like an argument, with O’ Reilly. He points out that Fox News hates the president and jabs at him at every chance they get. They claim that Liberals “shove their values down your throat”, though Stewart shows that Fox News does very that, and are becoming the new “Liberals” clearly. He shows O’ Reilly flipping out on camera “live” and he makes it clear he doesn’t like or agree with him.

Jon Stewart shows various clips from over the years of them contradicting themselves. Saying conflicting things on air, and its clear he finds most of their “news” to be blasphemy. He shows clips of Fox news claiming many different entertainers to be liberals. It becomes evident that Fox News often tries to force their values down our throats. They claim that these liberal entertainers come on air and get away with saying anything, which I actually agree with. Jon Stewart clearly feels that Fox News gets on the air and gets away with anything and shows that through various clips of different news segments.

He shows Fox’s contrasting views on protestors, also showing how much of a nutcase Bill O’ Reilly is at the same time. He shows examples of verbal attacks on Obama, and different cases of Liberal slander. Calling Liberals “whiny”, “afraid of Free Speech”, and that they are “pampered”.

Its hilarious how Jon Stewart shows various clips to portray his feelings, while at the same time using little jokes to keep viewers laughing. He reminds us that Fox News is the most powerful in media with the most viewers, with Bill O’ Reilly’s show having more viewers than other shows. It’s clear that Fox News is against Liberals, though from Jon Stewart’s segment he shows that they themselves act as Liberals through their actions. They often feel “victimized” like the liberals do, claiming that everyone always “blames Fox News”. Jon Stewart does a great job of “checking” Fox News on there crap while showing multiple examples to back himself up.


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