House of Cards Episodes 1 and 2 Review

“House of Cards” sounded like something completely different then what was presented in this episode. I definitely did not enjoy this first episode at all, and it felt like I watched an entire season of Breaking Bad. It dragged on and on, and all I kept doing was checking the time to see just how long I have to sit here and watch this. I really hope we discuss this show in class as well because I barely understand what the heck is going on in this show after this first episode. I guess there’s a reason why I have never heard of this show.

What ticked me off about this show the most was the fact that this is a show about politicians, seemingly, yet in certain scenes it was hard to distinguish whether we are watching a show about gangsters, or Washington D.C. The beginning of the episode a dog gets hit by a car, and to “stop his pain” the man kills the dog. As if this beginning wasn’t creepy enough the man, the main character who we find out is congressman Francis Underwood, speaks to the camera (audience) giving little anecdotes. As much as you would think these little “talks” with the audience would help explain things, it only confuses the viewer (me) even more. This show makes out politicians to seem like the criminals they truly are, which is the only thing keeping my interest.

Characters from the Washington Tribune are introduced, and it becomes evident throughout the episode that the politicians and the newspaper are going to coincide throughout the series. She goes to Frank’s home uninvited to try and find out information on the administration’s education bill, then Frank eventually leaks the information to her, and it is printed through the newspaper. She is later accused in the second episode of having an affair, because of all the information she finds out.

In the second episode, it continues where they first left off, at the rib shop. New characters are speaking in a different restaurant, where Frank sees his one of his past secretaries. This show is confusing and you don’t really understand what is going on fully until the middle of the episode. Frank Underwood leaked the Education Reform early to the press, and Frank hires a team of the brightest writers among his colleagues to write up a draft of a new bill.

It was interesting to see Congressman Russo smoke weed and use cocaine in this episode, and have these “creepy meetings”, this time at one am with another man who discusses his problems and past issues. In the last episode he had gotten arrested for a DUI, and to make the issue go away the colleague paid the woman he was with to keep quiet. It was funny how in addition to paying her for to keep quiet, the colleague paid the woman for “himself”, revealing that the woman was actually an escort. This shows the illegal activity that politicians are involved in.

A controversial editorial on “Israel in the Middle East” was leaked by Ms.Barnes, after being brought to her attention by Frank Underwood. Frank Underwood wants to take down the nominee for secretary of state Michael Kern, and with the new information leaked that Kern actually wrote the controversial editorial, Frank was successful. Frank said it was “too easy” when he found Kerns on the news explaining himself, only causing more controversy in the process. Frank seems to be a deviant character, and one of the more interesting ones.

Frank’s wife fires more than 18 employees at the Clean Water Initiative company that she runs, and included firing her secretary by herself. She comes across as a real “bitch” by doing this because the secretary had fired 18 workers all throughout the day. It seems as if she had a hit in her conscience when she went to get a coffee and seen an older employee not being able to use the touch machine.

Overall I feel this show is kind of interesting, though extremely difficult to watch, and that may be the reason this show was chosen. I overall give the first episode a 2 out of 5 because it definitely did not make me want to watch the second. The second episode however, things became much more interesting and I would actually give it a 3.5 out of 5. I feel in this show things go a little slow for my liking and the show comes across as odd in my opinion, maybe and hopefully, the show will grow on me.


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