The Dilbit Disaster

Throughout this reading, I was extremely upset that I had never heard about this disaster. It was also ironic that this occurred around the same time that the B.P. oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico did. It is unfair to the public that this “accident” received no attention simply because there was a more major oil spill going on. Reading this makes me wonder if the government and federal agencies really watch over these corporations. Various times throughout the reading I became frustrated, after seeing what the residents had to go through, and the little that was done to assure this would not happen again.

The company Enbridge should not even be in business, in my opinion of course. The pipeline that leaked had various defects that the company continuously ignored, and basically caused the entire disaster to occur in the first place. The whole situation could have been avoided had they replaced the defected pipeline. Not only did they cause the “disaster” they prolonged the cleanup process as much as possible, going past deadline after deadline that the EPA would set.

As I continued reading I realized the EPA is a joke because after each deadline that they had set for the “crude oil” to be cleaned, the river was not fully decontaminated. Many of the residents reported medical issues after the “accident” most likely due to the oil not being fully cleaned in a quick, orderly fashion. From a crude oil spill like this there could be serious lasting health hazards on the environment. I was appalled that Enbridge was allowed by the EPA to start repairing and replacing the leaked pipeline before there cleanup efforts were completed. Enbridge should have been accountable for there actions in a more extreme way, in my opinion their “charitable” efforts alone were not enough.

People were forced to move to other locations with family, and even stayed at hotels. In my opinion these people should have never been forced to have to leave their belongings. Everything they had owned would smell of crude oil. Towns had to be evacuated, and there was fear that some of the spilled oil could reach Lake Michigan, which holds eight state’s drinking water. Luckily for the residents of those states none of the oil reached into Lake Michigan.

Enbridge was feeling very “generous” after this disaster, paying for people’s hotel stays, and even offered to buy homes from owners living in the damaged areas. In addition to this, Enbridge extended donations to various charities and organizations involved with the cleanup, and other ventures. They had lost a lot of profits after this “accident”, so it is evident that Enbridge did all this to try and look better to the public. During the whole cleanup it was never mentioned that the oil was actually Dilbit, which contained tar. This type of oil is the reason why the cleanup took so long and was never fully finished. Enbridge and the government alike make me lose faith in our world, if their can be such “disasters” and still nothing done to prevent further accidents, then I see something wrong with that.


One thought on “The Dilbit Disaster

  1. gcamille994

    BP OIL SPILL!!!!!! (Not BE!!!) Careful there. I’m glad you reacted the way you did, and your writing connects with that reaction. Overall a really great post. Keep it up.


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