House of Cards Episodes 3 and 4 review

This episode starts off rather confusing at first, but quickly you get the idea of what is happening. It’s confusing, in my opinion because of the constant introduction of new faces or new characters. This episode centers around the tragic death of a 17 year old girl who had been texting and driving. The major issue was that she was distracted by a water tower called the “Peachoid”. Bad enough that she had been texting while driving, the Peachoid had also been mentioned in the text. It was unfair that because of Frank Underwood’s involvement in keeping the water tower up, that he was in a sense “blamed” for the unfortunate scenario.

Frank took a trip to Gaffney, his hometown to visit the grieving family, and attend the funeral. I felt it was in good nature of him to personally attend the funeral and give somewhat of a powerful speech (which wasn’t all that genuine), and showed that he cared about the situation. He also was very generous in my opinion by offering a settlement right away to the grieving family. Many other politicians probably wouldn’t have even attended the funeral.

Frank figured out that there were supposed to be guardrails in place at the scene of the accident. It was interesting to see him confront the other congressman about how the decision of guardrails being in place was up to him. The congressman at first had been attacking Frank about the accident and felt the tower not being taken down was his fault. It was great to see the tables turn at the end when Frank threatens the congressman for him actually being at fault in the first place. All in all this was a pretty decent episode I give it a 3.5/5.

These episodes clearly display the trickery and deception that goes on in American politics, and almost make politics seem evil. Frank Underwood is usually so on top of everything that goes on and can usually predict the next man’s move as clearly displayed in this show. However, he is so preoccupied with his day to day “operations” that he fails to notice his wife flying in a man named Adam from New York, all while they go to a hotel together. His wife was about to “do the deed” but stopped, saying she had made a mistake. I find it that Frank has a little too much on his plate, and is finding it difficult to focus on his health, marriage, and job at the same time.

The reporter Ms. Barnes is offered a job as white house correspondent for the Washington Tribune. It was interesting that Ms. Barnes found that the white house correspondent job is boring, claiming there to be “one party a year”. It didn’t surprise me that she turned down the job as the white house correspondent. When she turns down the position the boss calls her a “cunt” for changing her mind. It seemed as if he was jealous of all the media attention she was getting, and also felt she was acting stuck up by turning down the position.

This episode wrapped up extremely interesting leaving multiple possibilities. Ms. Barnes goes to the bar has a few drinks, and texts Frank Underwood. They both acknowledge they are on their way home and instead, Underwood goes to Barnes’ home. It was surprising to see Barnes waiting there half dressed, and I did not expect a man like Underwood to get involved in a risky affair with a journalist. I give this episode a 4/5 based on the ending scene alone.


One thought on “House of Cards Episodes 3 and 4 review

  1. gcamille994

    Interesting thoughts. Do you think that this is the beginning of the end for Frank? Or is it all a facade? Why do these things “almost make American politics seem evil”? More questions!


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