Gattaca review

Watching this film was a very enjoyable way to spend the rest of our class after taking the exam. I had never known Ethan Hawk had been in so many different films. I found that this movie gave off a non-authentic vibe, as if it were almost an independent film. Even though I am certain this is not the case, it’s just the impression I was given while viewing the film. The storyline is very strong and unique. The plot tells a tale of a man born with heart conditions and various other health issues, determined to be able to travel to space. I found it to be especially interesting in seeing what he goes through to first be able to go to space.

I found it grueling to see Ethan Hawk’s characters have to go through everything that he did in order to become “eligible” for space travel. He stops at nothing short of having his legs modified to become taller, in order to match the description of another “healthy” man. He showed extreme determination by continuing to maintain his character, along with his “cool” while there had been a murder investigation inside the headquarters.

One of the detectives investigating the homicide had been his own brother, who hadn’t picked up on him until the end of the movie. I found it discouraging that Vincent’s (Ethan Hawk) brother didn’t show encouragement when he found out he was going to be able to go to space, instead he reminded him about his health issues. This had reminded me of my relationship with my own brother, because my own brother shows more concern than encouragement.

It had made me feel relieved to see Vincent finally get to take off into space, especially after seeing everything he had to go through just to get “in the building”. Everything he had done was to make his dream come true, and it was inspiring to see that he indeed make his dream a reality.


2 thoughts on “Gattaca review

  1. gcamille994

    The title is Gattaca, not Gallactica! Careful please! I remember watching and getting the independent-film vibe too! I’m glad something in the film connected with you personally. Good post, just keep it a bit longer next time.


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