House of Cards Episodes 5 and 6 review

In this episode it becomes clear that Ms. Barnes and Frank Underwood had an affair, and are having a growing relationship. It was surprising to see that Claire already knew that Frank Underwood had spent the night with Ms. Barnes, asking if it was “just this once”. Frank assures her that Ms. Barnes can be of use as a journalist in the media. It was interesting to see that Frank Underwood’s wife was so understanding about the affair, making it seem as if this is something that is usual.

I felt it was irresponsible of Frank Underwood to consider Peter Russo as a candidate for governor. He has a major drug problem, is an alcoholic, and is divorced with two children, with his most recent girlfriend leaving him. Peter Russo felt guilty for closing down a shipyard where thousand of employees work along with some of his childhood friends, partly because of Underwood. Russo’s drinking and drugging continues and it makes me wonder if a lot more politicians do these things as well.

Barnes takes on a new job after leaving her old one at the Washington Tribune, and this one gives her a lot more freedom. It is interesting to continue to see her and Underwood meeting more and more. To ensure that they keep there affairs private, Underwood takes nude photos of Barnes. This I found to be extremely entertaining and wish they showed nudity because she is very pretty.

Frank Underwood organizes a charity luncheon outside of a hotel, despite not being allowed inside by a rival politician. He acted quickly and gathered as many people as possible, despite the hotel’s complaints. I found that he acted with great initiative and continues to be very manipulative. I give this episode a 3/5.

This episode made me hate and love Frank Underwood’s character at the same time. He is a deviant man who can easily manipulate his opposition to get what he wants. I feel that Frank acts too freely and does not know his own limits, and creates a lot of enemies in the process. He had a brick thrown through his own window, setting off speculation that because of the strike with Spinelli, “disorganized labor” was the cause of the brick being thrown. I feel this move was very deviant but at the same time genius. Spinelli’s protestors were thought to be the culprits and were made to look like savages.

In my opinion, it is irresponsible for Underwood to start up Peter Russo’s campaign for governor. Russo claims to be a month clean, and even so that would be sufficient to start running a major campaign. Underwood always seems to have control of things and to be so sure of himself, and this idea of an ex drug user, running for governor seems risky. For Underwood to take such a risk in Russo there must be something up Underwood’s sleeve. I enjoyed watching this episode the most out of all so far; I give it a rating of 4/5.


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