House of Cards Episodes 7 and 8 review

This episode focuses on congressman Peter Russo’s decision to run for Governor. I feel that Frank is showing way too much faith in Peter Russo, vouching for him to the President and Vice President. It was good to see that Russo had been attending N.A. Meetings, though it left me unconvinced. He is only a year clean and Underwood feels that Russo’s story will be an “underdog redemption” story , that is if his campaign goes successfully.

Frank goes out of his way in this episode by getting Russo’s ex-girlfriend to get back on board with join the campaign. Russo did not seem confident in deciding whether to run for governor or not but once he had assurance from his ex-girlfriend, he seemed to be a lot more sure of his decision. I feel he is a risk to deal with, especially with all of his past issues that are bound to be brought up. I feel both Underwood and Russo’s girlfriend only know half of what they are dealing with. Frank feels that he his helping Russo “set himself free” from his past, but in my opinion he could be making Russo’s situation worse with only a year sober. I give this episode a 3/5, it dragged on a bit and I was saddened by amount of confidence that Russo is receiving from Frank.

Throughout this episode the politicians prove to party harder than myself or anyone else I know for that matter. Frank Underwood has a library opened up in his name. The night before the opening ceremony he meets with old friends who he seems to greatly enjoy his time with, getting drunk and reminiscing on old times. This whole show makes it seem like politicians party and go to “functions” more than they do actual work.

Russo goes to Philadelphia to start preparing for his campaign, while also visiting his mother. His mother seemed indifferent to him running for Governor, and did not care about much he had to say until she had seen a cut on his hand. Russo had broke into his old friend’s house in a desperate attempt to get him and the shipyard workers on his side. Russo had done this after his friend had said that Russo was only “using him” when he came to him for support, and that he is just like all other “fucking politicians”. This resulted in a fight, but his old friend, convinced by the desperateness of Russo’s actions gives him his support and vouched for him to the shipyard workers.

After this episode I have a bit of confidence in Russo, seeing the lengths that he is willing to go to make things work in his favor. His past substance abuse issues along with his girlfriend working on the campaign with him so closely, I feel could cause problems in the future. She could either get in the way or become a distraction later down the line. This episode seemed to flow smoother than most and it reminded me of my old friends; I had felt a connection to it and I give it a 3.5/5.


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