House of Cards Episodes 9 and 10 review

                  In this episode, Peter Russo’s campaign for governor is in full swing with him and the vice president on a campaign tour. Peter Russo first meets with the vice president, who barely acknowledges him after showing up to one of the campaign stops. He didn’t look him in the eye or shake his hand, showing complete lack of respect. When being interviewed the vice president cuts off Peter Russo and and doesn’t give him the opportunity to speak for himself. This in my opinion showed the lack of confidence the vice president had in Peter Russo.

                 The vice president is confronted by Peter Russo, during which the vice president tells him that he can’t win and shows concerns of his past. Peter Russo explains that he feels that all the vice president is doing is “sabotaging” his campaign efforts. In my opinion it was smart of Peter Russo to come to the vice president for “support” and “influence” because, he now has the support of a major figure. After the “talk” the vice president is “won over” by Peter Russo and speaks in support of him on the campaign tour.

                  Ms. Barnes and Underwood briefly end their sexual relationship, after Barnes opts for a “professional” relationship. This was naive of Barnes in my opinion because she received tons of information from Underwood in exchange for sex, and once you start a relationship like that it would be difficult to just call it a “professional relationship”. Barnes realized her decision wasn’t too smart after Underwood declines to give her information, showing her what a “professional relationship” is like. Barnes did not keep the relationship professional for too long, deciding to be Underwood’s “whore” for “information”. In my opinion the episode started off slow and boring, but towards the end got better, I rate it a 3/5.

                   By the time I’m done viewing this series I will wind up never being able to trust anyone ever again. Peter Russo, seeming overly confident, threatens Frank because of the Watershed Bill not being passed as promised, and this makes him look bad. He basically threatens to expose Frank, and Frank considers it “blackmail”. In response to this Frank hires a former prostitute to seduce Russo, and lead him back to her hotel room. This was extremely deviant and crafty of Frank, and I honestly never expected Russo to “take the bait”. To my disappointment Russo ends up drinking and completely bombing his on air radio interview.

                    Frank seems to think that he was only teaching Russo a lesson, though in my opinion it seemed a bit extreme to jeopardize not only the campaign, but also Russo’s health (sobriety). Peter Russo was a risky candidate for Underwood to co-sign, and now that Russo’s sobriety has ended so quickly (and easily), I don’t see Russo being able to overcome his issues that hold him back from running for governor. These problems caused by Underwood or not are going to be part of Russo’s daily life as a politician and human being, and it is evident that he can be “broken” easily.

                      Barnes’ and Claire Underwood both “flee” from Frank, as it seemed throughout the episode. Claire went to Barnes’ house to confront her and let Barnes know that she and Frank tell each other everything. Barnes had known that Claire Underwood was the reason that the Watershed Bill got turned down, and Claire must have felt threatened. Underwood’s wife leaves without telling Frank about her “visit”, and sees Adam in New York. Barnes feeling “trapped” by Claire and Frank, leaves her apartment and stays at a male ex-co worker’s house. She joined him in bed during the middle of the night, and I felt like she was only “hugging and kissing up” to him (literally) just because she had nowhere else to go. I feel like most girls she has made a poor decision and to make up for it she is making more poor decisions (unknowingly). I really enjoyed watching this episode I give it a 5/5.


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