House of Cards Episode 11 review

Watching this show makes me upset more and more each time I watch it. I have to see this scumbag Frank Underwood get away with all the things that he gets away with. Frank really wanted Governor Russo to fail from the beginning and seen Russo’s failure as an opportunity of his own. Underwood suggests that the Vice President run for governor in replacement of Russo and successfully convinces him. This would put Underwood in position to become vice president, if the vice president wins the election for governor of Pennsylvania. Underwood also decides to maintain a “professional relationship” with Barnes which I felt was interesting, almost as if she was “used up”.

Russo had gone completely back to alcohol to my disappointment, and tries to have himself arrested by showing up to the police station drunk. Frank and his colleagues trying to locate Russo for days, find him after he leaves the police station. Frank wanted Russo to officially withdraw and to “go away quietly”. In what would be his last call to his daughter, Russo gets told that his son doesn’t want to speak to him and that there had been new’s cameras at their school. Russo’s conversation with his daughter was especially heartbreaking, realizing that he is intoxicated and telling him that she doesn’t like his voice “that way”.

Frank Underwood reached a new height of evil after murdering Russo. Frank had driven Russo home in Russo’s car and had shared a bottle of liquor found in the car, only causing Russo to become more inebriated. Russo eventually passes out, seemingly to the plans of Underwood, and that’s when Frank’s “opportunity” arises. Underwood turns on the ignition in the car, wipes all of his prints off of the car, and shuts the garage door closed. In Frank’s murdering of Russo, it doesn’t seem to be the first time he has done something of that kind. Russo’s death gets ruled as a suicide, because of his past and current issues with drugs and alcohol, along with Frank’s cautiousness.

I didn’t want to see the episode end well for Frank but after Russo’s “suicide”, he won’t have to officially resign from the campaign, and the vice president could take Russo’s place in the campaign. This leaves the Vice President position open to Frank if the vice president wins the election for governor. I am hoping that Frank eventually gets whats coming to him and that karma finally hits him. Frank got away with murder and the next day his wife Claire is home in time to “join him” in speaking to the press awaiting them outside their front door. This episode was probably the best one yet I rate it a 5/5; this episode made me a lot more interested in this series.


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