House of Cards Episode 12 review

Christina, Russo’s girlfriend, wants Mr. Capra to take Peter Russo’s seat in the campaign for governor, which I found to be a bit confusing. Frank Underwood continues on with his life as normal and assists the President in trying to find a replacement vice president. Underwood convinces the President that he should go to St. Louis and meet with Mr. Tusk, to convince him to accept nomination for vice presidency. Frank was obviously against the idea of Mr. Tusk being the replacement but tells the president that he thinks its a “bold idea”.

Throughout the episode Ms. Skorsky and Barnes work together in this episode after Ms. Skorsky has a conversation with Mr. Capra. From her conversation from Mr. Capra she was convinced that Peter Russo’s decision to close down the shipyard was forced and that Russo was “strong-armed” into making his decision. Underwood meets with Barnes before going to St. Louis and assures her that the shipyard closing was “business as usual”. I feel Ms. Skorsky and Barnes working together secretly against Underwood, and prying for information could get dangerous for them in the future. Doug had been keeping “watch” on Ms. Skorsky after finding out that she had spoke to Russo’s girlfriend about Mr. Capra. If Barnes gets caught by Underwood, trying to find out information, and get’s too close to “the truth”, it could get ugly.

Frank’s meeting in St. Louis was unsuccessful. Frank in a way was “caught” trying to be manipulative, in trying to convince Mr. Tusk to take the vice president nomination. Frank had basically wasted his time in trying to convince him to take the position, because Tusk, a multimillionaire, asks Frank if he would take the position. Frank often tries to have a serious conversation about it with Tusk, during most of which Tusk seems uninterested and gives half-answer replies. After this unsuccessful trip Frank plans to threaten Tusk’s assets in order to convince him to reconsider. I feel Frank might be underestimating Mr. Tusk and that though he is acting ruthless, it may come back to “bite him in the ass”. I found this episode entertaining and I’m eager to watch the next show, I give this episode a 3.5/5.


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