House of Cards Episode 13 review

In this final episode of this first season, Ms. Barnes and Ms. Skorsky keep on digging into Russo’s past, focusing on his relationship with a prostitute named Rachel. During Barnes’ and Ms. Skorsky’s “investigation” into Russo, Barnes’ boyfriend (who happens to be her ex-colleague) gets involved and goes to a bar. He successfully pretends to be a cop after he was able to “lure” a prostitute. He was genius by doing this, because he successfully was able to obtain the place that Rachel “the call girl” was working by threatening the prostitute. Barnes then goes to where Rachel works, and steals a sheet with Rachel’s number on it. Barnes calls Rachel, and tells her that “she knows about Russo”, and Rachel obviously is quick to hang up. A meeting is set up between Barnes and Rachel, and Barnes is unsuccessful in receiving any information out of her. I feel that Barnes is acting too impulsively and is greatly underestimating Frank Underwood. Doug (Frank’s “sidekick”) was the one who had driven Rachel to meet with Barnes, and knows that Barnes has been speaking to or “harassing” Russo’s girlfriend. I’m rooting for Barnes and Ms. Skorsky but I have a feeling that Frank is inevitably going to find out about Barnes’ “investigating” into Russo.

Frank Underwood convinces the president to invite Mr. Tusk to the White House, describing Tusk as a “hard man to read” (most likely because of his unsuccessful trip prior in St. Louis). Mr. Tusk’s trip to the White House results in Frank being offered the position for vice president. Frank accepts, and says “that it would be a great honor”, even though he didn’t seem to be genuinely thrilled about it when being told. I look forward to seeing what kind of shit he gets away with as a future vice president if elected. This episode made me question if Frank actually wants the position as vice president. Especially considering the amount that he gets away with now, he might have too much attention on him if he is elected as vice president.

Claire Underwood is facing a major lawsuit from her ex-partner from the Clear Water Initiative, who had recently quit because Claire had gone against her partner for her own benefit. Claire tries to convince her ex partner that they could work things out and tries to convince her to settle the lawsuit. Claire seems to be “shattered” when she visits the home of her ex-partner and Claire only gets told off and told to leave. I feel she and Frank deserve everything that is coming to them. The episode ends interestingly because Frank is forced to take a jog with Claire because his exercise machine had broke. I found this episode was very weak for a finale in my opinion and I give it a 2.5/5. However, I do look forward to the next season of this show and I am overall very glad I was introduced to it. It gives the viewer insight into how crooked the world of politics can be. It leaves the viewers with a vivid idea of how evil some of the politicians may or may not be today. I am eager to see what ends up happening with Frank and his new “placement”, and what it may lead to. I have a totally different idea of the show now that I’ve viewed all the episodes, and I no longer find the series to be “boring”. I hope that we speak on this series more in class.


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