Blackfish review

This documentary was extremely informative, yet extremely saddening to watch. I found some parts of it to be difficult to watch, and some parts of it had me shaking my head. Before watching this documentary I had never pictured aquariums or places like “Sea World” to be “barbaric”. Now that I have seen what these killer whales have to go through before putting on these performances, I no longer would have any interest in going to an aquarium or a place like “Sea World”. Many people will view this documentary and feel that these are just sporadic cases of aggressive whales. Meanwhile it is aggressive humans that are causing the whales to become almost like caged animals.

There were many killer whale trainers who had spoke throughout the documentary, and it is clear that they all were deeply affected by these occurrences. I fear for other future trainers, because of these “occurrences”. These events were not accidents or caused by the trainers, in my opinion. I feel these events are caused by separating these emotional and intelligent creatures from their families. It also does not help to keep these animals cooped up in a small swimming pool-like “cage”, as these are animals of the wild and deserve to be able to swim freely.

I feel that killer whales should not be looked at as “dangerous” because of this documentary, but rather they should be studied more. Many of the earlier “incidents” were kept a secret and this only prevented further future “accidents” or “incidents” from not happening. I cannot take an organization like “Sea World” serious anymore after viewing this documentary. It was interesting to learn that now Sea World has made it so trainers are forced to be behind barriers separated from the killer whales. In my opinion the connection and bond that these trainers have with these creatures won’t be as strong from now on, and the shows won’t be as fun to watch. Overall I don’t see myself going to an aquarium or a “Sea World” anytime soon or, ever. I found this documentary to be extremely good and well put together, I rate it a 4/5.


One thought on “Blackfish review

  1. gcamille994

    I wish you would have mentioned which parts were “difficult to watch” and which had you “shaking your head.” But in general, good post, and I agree that these creatures must be more widely studied in the wild.


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