House of Cards Episodes 5 and 6 review

In this episode it becomes clear that Ms. Barnes and Frank Underwood had an affair, and are having a growing relationship. It was surprising to see that Claire already knew that Frank Underwood had spent the night with Ms. Barnes, asking if it was “just this once”. Frank assures her that Ms. Barnes can be of use as a journalist in the media. It was interesting to see that Frank Underwood’s wife was so understanding about the affair, making it seem as if this is something that is usual.

I felt it was irresponsible of Frank Underwood to consider Peter Russo as a candidate for governor. He has a major drug problem, is an alcoholic, and is divorced with two children, with his most recent girlfriend leaving him. Peter Russo felt guilty for closing down a shipyard where thousand of employees work along with some of his childhood friends, partly because of Underwood. Russo’s drinking and drugging continues and it makes me wonder if a lot more politicians do these things as well.

Barnes takes on a new job after leaving her old one at the Washington Tribune, and this one gives her a lot more freedom. It is interesting to continue to see her and Underwood meeting more and more. To ensure that they keep there affairs private, Underwood takes nude photos of Barnes. This I found to be extremely entertaining and wish they showed nudity because she is very pretty.

Frank Underwood organizes a charity luncheon outside of a hotel, despite not being allowed inside by a rival politician. He acted quickly and gathered as many people as possible, despite the hotel’s complaints. I found that he acted with great initiative and continues to be very manipulative. I give this episode a 3/5.

This episode made me hate and love Frank Underwood’s character at the same time. He is a deviant man who can easily manipulate his opposition to get what he wants. I feel that Frank acts too freely and does not know his own limits, and creates a lot of enemies in the process. He had a brick thrown through his own window, setting off speculation that because of the strike with Spinelli, “disorganized labor” was the cause of the brick being thrown. I feel this move was very deviant but at the same time genius. Spinelli’s protestors were thought to be the culprits and were made to look like savages.

In my opinion, it is irresponsible for Underwood to start up Peter Russo’s campaign for governor. Russo claims to be a month clean, and even so that would be sufficient to start running a major campaign. Underwood always seems to have control of things and to be so sure of himself, and this idea of an ex drug user, running for governor seems risky. For Underwood to take such a risk in Russo there must be something up Underwood’s sleeve. I enjoyed watching this episode the most out of all so far; I give it a rating of 4/5.


Gattaca review

Watching this film was a very enjoyable way to spend the rest of our class after taking the exam. I had never known Ethan Hawk had been in so many different films. I found that this movie gave off a non-authentic vibe, as if it were almost an independent film. Even though I am certain this is not the case, it’s just the impression I was given while viewing the film. The storyline is very strong and unique. The plot tells a tale of a man born with heart conditions and various other health issues, determined to be able to travel to space. I found it to be especially interesting in seeing what he goes through to first be able to go to space.

I found it grueling to see Ethan Hawk’s characters have to go through everything that he did in order to become “eligible” for space travel. He stops at nothing short of having his legs modified to become taller, in order to match the description of another “healthy” man. He showed extreme determination by continuing to maintain his character, along with his “cool” while there had been a murder investigation inside the headquarters.

One of the detectives investigating the homicide had been his own brother, who hadn’t picked up on him until the end of the movie. I found it discouraging that Vincent’s (Ethan Hawk) brother didn’t show encouragement when he found out he was going to be able to go to space, instead he reminded him about his health issues. This had reminded me of my relationship with my own brother, because my own brother shows more concern than encouragement.

It had made me feel relieved to see Vincent finally get to take off into space, especially after seeing everything he had to go through just to get “in the building”. Everything he had done was to make his dream come true, and it was inspiring to see that he indeed make his dream a reality.

House of Cards Episodes 3 and 4 review

This episode starts off rather confusing at first, but quickly you get the idea of what is happening. It’s confusing, in my opinion because of the constant introduction of new faces or new characters. This episode centers around the tragic death of a 17 year old girl who had been texting and driving. The major issue was that she was distracted by a water tower called the “Peachoid”. Bad enough that she had been texting while driving, the Peachoid had also been mentioned in the text. It was unfair that because of Frank Underwood’s involvement in keeping the water tower up, that he was in a sense “blamed” for the unfortunate scenario.

Frank took a trip to Gaffney, his hometown to visit the grieving family, and attend the funeral. I felt it was in good nature of him to personally attend the funeral and give somewhat of a powerful speech (which wasn’t all that genuine), and showed that he cared about the situation. He also was very generous in my opinion by offering a settlement right away to the grieving family. Many other politicians probably wouldn’t have even attended the funeral.

Frank figured out that there were supposed to be guardrails in place at the scene of the accident. It was interesting to see him confront the other congressman about how the decision of guardrails being in place was up to him. The congressman at first had been attacking Frank about the accident and felt the tower not being taken down was his fault. It was great to see the tables turn at the end when Frank threatens the congressman for him actually being at fault in the first place. All in all this was a pretty decent episode I give it a 3.5/5.

These episodes clearly display the trickery and deception that goes on in American politics, and almost make politics seem evil. Frank Underwood is usually so on top of everything that goes on and can usually predict the next man’s move as clearly displayed in this show. However, he is so preoccupied with his day to day “operations” that he fails to notice his wife flying in a man named Adam from New York, all while they go to a hotel together. His wife was about to “do the deed” but stopped, saying she had made a mistake. I find it that Frank has a little too much on his plate, and is finding it difficult to focus on his health, marriage, and job at the same time.

The reporter Ms. Barnes is offered a job as white house correspondent for the Washington Tribune. It was interesting that Ms. Barnes found that the white house correspondent job is boring, claiming there to be “one party a year”. It didn’t surprise me that she turned down the job as the white house correspondent. When she turns down the position the boss calls her a “cunt” for changing her mind. It seemed as if he was jealous of all the media attention she was getting, and also felt she was acting stuck up by turning down the position.

This episode wrapped up extremely interesting leaving multiple possibilities. Ms. Barnes goes to the bar has a few drinks, and texts Frank Underwood. They both acknowledge they are on their way home and instead, Underwood goes to Barnes’ home. It was surprising to see Barnes waiting there half dressed, and I did not expect a man like Underwood to get involved in a risky affair with a journalist. I give this episode a 4/5 based on the ending scene alone.

The Dilbit Disaster

Throughout this reading, I was extremely upset that I had never heard about this disaster. It was also ironic that this occurred around the same time that the B.P. oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico did. It is unfair to the public that this “accident” received no attention simply because there was a more major oil spill going on. Reading this makes me wonder if the government and federal agencies really watch over these corporations. Various times throughout the reading I became frustrated, after seeing what the residents had to go through, and the little that was done to assure this would not happen again.

The company Enbridge should not even be in business, in my opinion of course. The pipeline that leaked had various defects that the company continuously ignored, and basically caused the entire disaster to occur in the first place. The whole situation could have been avoided had they replaced the defected pipeline. Not only did they cause the “disaster” they prolonged the cleanup process as much as possible, going past deadline after deadline that the EPA would set.

As I continued reading I realized the EPA is a joke because after each deadline that they had set for the “crude oil” to be cleaned, the river was not fully decontaminated. Many of the residents reported medical issues after the “accident” most likely due to the oil not being fully cleaned in a quick, orderly fashion. From a crude oil spill like this there could be serious lasting health hazards on the environment. I was appalled that Enbridge was allowed by the EPA to start repairing and replacing the leaked pipeline before there cleanup efforts were completed. Enbridge should have been accountable for there actions in a more extreme way, in my opinion their “charitable” efforts alone were not enough.

People were forced to move to other locations with family, and even stayed at hotels. In my opinion these people should have never been forced to have to leave their belongings. Everything they had owned would smell of crude oil. Towns had to be evacuated, and there was fear that some of the spilled oil could reach Lake Michigan, which holds eight state’s drinking water. Luckily for the residents of those states none of the oil reached into Lake Michigan.

Enbridge was feeling very “generous” after this disaster, paying for people’s hotel stays, and even offered to buy homes from owners living in the damaged areas. In addition to this, Enbridge extended donations to various charities and organizations involved with the cleanup, and other ventures. They had lost a lot of profits after this “accident”, so it is evident that Enbridge did all this to try and look better to the public. During the whole cleanup it was never mentioned that the oil was actually Dilbit, which contained tar. This type of oil is the reason why the cleanup took so long and was never fully finished. Enbridge and the government alike make me lose faith in our world, if their can be such “disasters” and still nothing done to prevent further accidents, then I see something wrong with that.

House of Cards Episodes 1 and 2 Review

“House of Cards” sounded like something completely different then what was presented in this episode. I definitely did not enjoy this first episode at all, and it felt like I watched an entire season of Breaking Bad. It dragged on and on, and all I kept doing was checking the time to see just how long I have to sit here and watch this. I really hope we discuss this show in class as well because I barely understand what the heck is going on in this show after this first episode. I guess there’s a reason why I have never heard of this show.

What ticked me off about this show the most was the fact that this is a show about politicians, seemingly, yet in certain scenes it was hard to distinguish whether we are watching a show about gangsters, or Washington D.C. The beginning of the episode a dog gets hit by a car, and to “stop his pain” the man kills the dog. As if this beginning wasn’t creepy enough the man, the main character who we find out is congressman Francis Underwood, speaks to the camera (audience) giving little anecdotes. As much as you would think these little “talks” with the audience would help explain things, it only confuses the viewer (me) even more. This show makes out politicians to seem like the criminals they truly are, which is the only thing keeping my interest.

Characters from the Washington Tribune are introduced, and it becomes evident throughout the episode that the politicians and the newspaper are going to coincide throughout the series. She goes to Frank’s home uninvited to try and find out information on the administration’s education bill, then Frank eventually leaks the information to her, and it is printed through the newspaper. She is later accused in the second episode of having an affair, because of all the information she finds out.

In the second episode, it continues where they first left off, at the rib shop. New characters are speaking in a different restaurant, where Frank sees his one of his past secretaries. This show is confusing and you don’t really understand what is going on fully until the middle of the episode. Frank Underwood leaked the Education Reform early to the press, and Frank hires a team of the brightest writers among his colleagues to write up a draft of a new bill.

It was interesting to see Congressman Russo smoke weed and use cocaine in this episode, and have these “creepy meetings”, this time at one am with another man who discusses his problems and past issues. In the last episode he had gotten arrested for a DUI, and to make the issue go away the colleague paid the woman he was with to keep quiet. It was funny how in addition to paying her for to keep quiet, the colleague paid the woman for “himself”, revealing that the woman was actually an escort. This shows the illegal activity that politicians are involved in.

A controversial editorial on “Israel in the Middle East” was leaked by Ms.Barnes, after being brought to her attention by Frank Underwood. Frank Underwood wants to take down the nominee for secretary of state Michael Kern, and with the new information leaked that Kern actually wrote the controversial editorial, Frank was successful. Frank said it was “too easy” when he found Kerns on the news explaining himself, only causing more controversy in the process. Frank seems to be a deviant character, and one of the more interesting ones.

Frank’s wife fires more than 18 employees at the Clean Water Initiative company that she runs, and included firing her secretary by herself. She comes across as a real “bitch” by doing this because the secretary had fired 18 workers all throughout the day. It seems as if she had a hit in her conscience when she went to get a coffee and seen an older employee not being able to use the touch machine.

Overall I feel this show is kind of interesting, though extremely difficult to watch, and that may be the reason this show was chosen. I overall give the first episode a 2 out of 5 because it definitely did not make me want to watch the second. The second episode however, things became much more interesting and I would actually give it a 3.5 out of 5. I feel in this show things go a little slow for my liking and the show comes across as odd in my opinion, maybe and hopefully, the show will grow on me.

Fox News: The New Liberals

This was an extremely entertaining segment from Jon Stewart, considering the very rocky relationship that he and Bill O’ Reilly have. They both clearly have opposing views. This aired before Jon Stewart not too long ago had an on air conversation, that was more like an argument, with O’ Reilly. He points out that Fox News hates the president and jabs at him at every chance they get. They claim that Liberals “shove their values down your throat”, though Stewart shows that Fox News does very that, and are becoming the new “Liberals” clearly. He shows O’ Reilly flipping out on camera “live” and he makes it clear he doesn’t like or agree with him.

Jon Stewart shows various clips from over the years of them contradicting themselves. Saying conflicting things on air, and its clear he finds most of their “news” to be blasphemy. He shows clips of Fox news claiming many different entertainers to be liberals. It becomes evident that Fox News often tries to force their values down our throats. They claim that these liberal entertainers come on air and get away with saying anything, which I actually agree with. Jon Stewart clearly feels that Fox News gets on the air and gets away with anything and shows that through various clips of different news segments.

He shows Fox’s contrasting views on protestors, also showing how much of a nutcase Bill O’ Reilly is at the same time. He shows examples of verbal attacks on Obama, and different cases of Liberal slander. Calling Liberals “whiny”, “afraid of Free Speech”, and that they are “pampered”.

Its hilarious how Jon Stewart shows various clips to portray his feelings, while at the same time using little jokes to keep viewers laughing. He reminds us that Fox News is the most powerful in media with the most viewers, with Bill O’ Reilly’s show having more viewers than other shows. It’s clear that Fox News is against Liberals, though from Jon Stewart’s segment he shows that they themselves act as Liberals through their actions. They often feel “victimized” like the liberals do, claiming that everyone always “blames Fox News”. Jon Stewart does a great job of “checking” Fox News on there crap while showing multiple examples to back himself up.

Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 1 Review

The beginning episode of this series starts with a chaotic scene, originally from the end of the episode, shown action packed from the start. With Walt pointing a gun with sirens ringing standing next to a crashed R.V. in the middle of the desert in Albuquerque , it leaves multiple questions to the viewer. Why is there a an unconscious passenger next to him in a speeding R.V.? Why are they wearing masks? This opening scene makes Vince Gilligan such a great producer/writer in the first place. This episode is so action packed and full of information its almost hard to keep up. They lead viewers on with Walt giving a desperate plea on camera that is quite contrasting to Walt’s most recent “confession” on the latest B.B. episode.

Viewers get to see the ordinary jobs that Walt has, being a teacher, and working in a car wash, even getting spotted and laughed at by one his students while he washes the student’s Corvette. As a tradition on Walt’s birthday he receives his breakfast with “50” spelled out in bacon. Walt get’s antagonized throughout the episode by the characters, including Hank, his DEA agent Brother in law, by making fun of how he couldn’t hold a gun (ironic). He is shown a news report showing a busted meth operation with tons of cash, and gets offered to go on a “ride along” with him in which Hank busts a meth operation that Jesse, a former student of Walt, escapes from.

Walt finds out he has cancer in this episode is well, and the “web of lies” originally starts when his wife Skylar asks him how his day went, he never tells her the news and says “fine”. Walt is supposed to be a middle aged man with cancer and the world’s worst case of a mid-life crisis, and in the episode Skylar and her sister Marie, determine that he might have a mid- life crisis. In addition to this Jesse confronts Walt about his “crisis”, asking if he went “crazy” when he gives Jesse the money to purchase an R.V to “cook” in.

Walt “breaks bad” in this first episode by making a deal with Jesse to “cook” with him, and Jesse determines his cooking to be “art”. He brings the “art” to his partners, who subsequently confront Walt in the desert with Jesse in tow, thinking Walt is with the DEA recognizing him from the “ride along”. Walt shows his first signs of magic in this episode by causing an explosion in the R.V.  and successfully escaping from the two disgruntled ex-partners.

In the episode originally Walt can’t even focus on making love with his wife on his birthday, to which she suggests he relax and closes his eyes. After successfully getting away with “cooking” and saving himself and Jesse from getting killed, he returns home to his wife, ending the episode by making the original move towards his wife, in which she didn’t “recognize” that it was him, and it’s a triumphant ending to a opening episode. He definitely “breaks bad”, and I give this opening episode a 5/5 because it has everything to keep the viewers watching.